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Taxes & Non Taxes
Khadki Cantonment Board has following income sources which is mainly collected through revenue section and cashier. Khadki cantonment Board has started e-collection facility from 2017 - 2018. The tax payers and others can use this facility to make their payments. Apart from this they can also make payments through HDFC portals & ATM machines in Khadki

Property Tax
  1. Taxation :
    In exercise of powers conferred under Section 66 of the Cantonments Act,2006, the Government has imposed the following taxes :
    • House Tax
    • Conservancy Tax
    • Water Tax
Taxes - FY 2017 - 2018
Revenue from Taxes
There are total 2690 property bills
House Tax ₹ 69,19,321
Conservancy Tax ₹ 57,30,820
Water Tax ₹ 66,509
TOTAL ₹ 1,27,16,650
Non Taxes- FY 2017 - 2018
The Cantonment Board Khadki are demanding following non-taxes from different people who are using Cantt. Board Land.
  1. Occupancy Rights Fees / Licence Fees
    1. Cantonment Board is accepting licence fees fee from Khadki Business Centre's shop holders,
    2. Khadki Cantonment is having stalls / shops other that Khadki Business Center at following five different places.
      • Market Square Stalls
      • Cobbler Stalls
      • Water Reservoir Stalls
      • FFR Market Stalls
      • Range Hill Market Stalls
  2. Building Rent: -
    Cantonment Board is having Cantonment fund buildings for which Cantonment Board is demanding Building Rent form the occupants.
    The following buildings are available and used for this purpose.
    • Cattle Shed,
    • Samaj Mandinr & Gymnasium
    • Mangal Karyalay
    • Dhobi Ghat
  3. Temporary Occupation of Lands (TOL):-
    Cantonment Board gives permission for temporary Occupation of Cantonment land for sale of various articles on festivals where temporary occupant use that land for selling items and providing services to the citizens of Khadki and surrounding areas.
    1. Ganpati Stalls
    2. Rakhi Stalls
    3. Firecrackers Stalls
    4. Velankani Stalls
    5. Diwali and Dasara Festival Stalls
    6. Pay and Park etc.
  4. Lease Rent: -
    Those who have been given Govt. land on lease for 33 years terms on renewal basis up to 99 years, from Government of India. They have to pay lease rent to Cantonment Board. There are approximately 254 leases lands and also premium on lease is required to be paid.
  5. Other Revenue: -
    Apart from the above revenue there are following income sources such as :
    • Vehicle Entry Fees:- Cantonment Board is accepting vehicle entry fees from all the commercial vehicles passing through the Cantonment Board limits. The Cantonment Board is utilizing the fund for maintenance of roads and other development works.
    • School Fees:- Cantonment Board is accepting nominal school fees from the students studying in Khadki Cantonment Board’s school Khadki Cantonment Board is having 08 schools .
    • Hospital Medical fees:- Khadki Cantonment Board is having one Hospital ( Dr. Babasaheb General Hospital, Khadki) and three other dispensaries in Cantonment area.
    • Copying Fees:- Cantonment Board is accepting copying fees from the citizens who request for Birth and Death Certificate and GLR extract etc.
    • Composition Fees:- Cantonment Board collecting composition fees from various Hawkers and Traders who are defaulters.
    • Damages Charges:- Cantonment Board collecting damages charges from unauthorized occupants of wooden cabins and matters pending to higher authority / court.
    • Trade License Fees:- Cantonment Board collecting fees from various Traders and Hawkers in Cantonment Board Area.
    • Daily Passes :- Cantonment Board is charging 10 rupees per day as hawking charges from the vendor / hawkers who are selling articles etc on moving hand cart
  6. Service Charges -
    In lieu of the Property Tax recovered from the residents of the Cantonment, the Government is liable to pay the service charges in respect of the Government buildings & lands situated within the Cantonment limits. The buildings which are under the management of Govt. such as A.F.K., Central Govt., have to pay 1/3 of property tax as Service Charge
    The service charges payable by various Government bodies are as under :

    Sr. No.

    Name of the Agency

    Service Charges payable till 31/3/2017


    Ammunition Factory



    Railway Authorities



    Post Office





    Note: Railway & Post Office authorities are not paying any service charges to the Cantonment Board.

Revenue from Non-Taxes
Following is the revenue from non - taxes
Rent From Building Other ₹ 4,81,092
Rent from Lease ₹ 31,761
Temporary Occupation of Land ₹ 36,54,888
Stall Rent ₹ 28,81,622
Khadki Business Centre ₹ 1,21,56,280
TOTAL ₹ 1,92,05,643

Advertisement On Electricity Poles 3 years
Increased 10% every year
Section-I-Pole( 190 )
Section-II-Pole( 75 )
Section-III-Pole( 120 )

Tender Amount for Vehicle Entry Fee ₹ 10,41,00,000 for current tender Financial Year 2017 - 2018

Hoardings - for 3 yrs / tender / contract
Dnyneshwar Ghat 1 site
Rani Laxmibai Garden 2 site
Neharu Garden 2 site
Parking Area 2 site
Khadki Business Centre 4 site
Mula Road Junction 1 site
Opp. Khadki Rly. Station 1 site
Jigar Chowk 2 site
Sapras Police Chowky 1 site
Opp GE Central 1 site

Other Sources of Income - Public Auction (once in a year)
Sale of Fire crackers
Sales of Rakhi Stall
Sale of Ganpati Idol Stall
The implementation of Pay & Park is under process

Description Charges
Hoarding on Pvt. Bldg. Rs.222-/ per sq. ft. p.a.
DailyPass Hawkers Rs. 10/- per day
Passing of Cable on Electric Poles Rs.275/- per pole p.a.

Total Arrears As on April 2018 Provisional Demand for 2017-18 TOTAL PROVISIONAL DEMAND
GE ©, GE (MH & RH) 1601824417 345152994 1946977411
Ammunition Factory 552889605 331475443.2 884365048.2
Central Railway 41085150.15 5056714.74 46141864.89
Post Office 5175356.44 799390.889 5974747.329
TOTAL 2210974528 679378085.7 2890352614
Note: Post office and Railway authorities are not paying any  service charges to the Cantonment Board.

While all efforts have been made to make the contents of this website as authentic as possible, the KhadkiCantonment Board will not be responsible for any loss to any person caused by any shortcoming, defect or inaccuracy in the information available on Website. Any discrepancy found may be brought to the notice of the Board.
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